Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a major player in the way we communicate with those we care about and do business.

In fact, it’s too important to ignore – and it’s only going to grow and expand.

The Process


We need about an hour of your time to see if we're a good fit for each other. We'll also take a look at what you're currently doing (or not) on social media.

Strategy and Planning

From there, we'll figure out what will work best for your industry and individual business. We'll help you choose the right social media platform(s), analyze your content, and more.


We'll do what we say we will. You'll always be kept in the loop as progress is made. However, if you want us to take social media off your hands entirely, that's fine, too.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Tier 1

per month


  • 2 platforms included
  • 5 posts / week, per platform
  • Quarterly analytics review
  • Web site integration
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Tier 2

per month


  • 3 platforms included
  • 5 posts / week, per platform
  • Bimonthly analytics review
  • Web site integration
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Tier 3

per month


  • 4 platforms included
  • 5 posts / week, per platform
  • Monthly analytics review
  • Web site integration
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Need something custom?

If you’re needing something beyond the scope of our packages, we can give you a custom quote of time and investment.

Bells and Whistles

Need more? Take advantage of these add-ons to turbocharge your social media!

+1 Social Media Platform

per month (per platform)

Need more than 4 platforms? Add more with this.

  • 5 posts / week, per platform
  • Web site integration
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Brand Your Social Presence

per project

Make your social media cohesive with your brand.

  • Cohesive social media presence across platforms
  • Professionally designed graphics
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Your most common social media marketing questions -- answered.

A platform is a social media network basically. Individually, the following are considered platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Of course, there’s many more, but those are the most common and popular ones.

Generally speaking, everyone should have a Facebook Page for their business.

Any other social media platform(s) depends on your business type, industry, and the target market(s) and demographics of your ideal customer type(s).

We would love to explain in detail! Please schedule a social media session with us to get started.

All of our social media marketing plans are 12 month commitments. 

Why, you ask?

Based on experience, as well as the rapidly changing algorithms and atmosphere of social media platforms, we’ve found that it’s best to have a 12-month commitment to our clients to ensure that there’s enough time to plan, execute, and monitor results.

What that means in plain English?

Basically, we’re committing to you, and want the same in return – and time and patience are the biggest factors.

Due to ethical (and legal) reasons, we don’t promise any concrete, specific results.

What we mean by this, is that the Internet can be unpredictable – especially social media platforms. 

We don’t like to make promises we can’t or won’t keep, and this is no exception.

However, we will do our absolute best to maximize your return on investment!