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Dear Boomers, You Suck at Advertising to Millennials

Just to get this out of the way from the get go, my parents were Boomers. On the whole, I’ve got nothing against any individual person that’s a Boomer. At the time of writing this, I’m 25 – very much a Millennial.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… Baby Boomers, let’s get something straight.







I suggest you take notes. You’re going to need it.

  1. Pushy is not a personality trait.
    Absolutely no Millennial ever is going to care about your product/service if you sound like a broken record, used car salesman. Stop it. It hurts to watch, and there’s a good chance we’re not even listening to it. It might have worked on you, and even your parents or grandparents, but guess what??We’re not you!?We’re a generation all our own, and we make up the lion’s share of the workforce in 2019.
  2. Indecisiveness isn’t sexy.
    Excuse my French, but we like brands?with balls. Stand up for something, and make your stance known on whatever it is! Indecisiveness will drive us away faster than you can even type the?word?“millennial”. No, it’s not because we want instant gratification, although that doesn’t hurt either. Why would we want to waste our time on someone who doesn’t even know what they want?
  3. Give us a reason to care.
    Here’s your second reminder of what year it is. It’s 2019. Why on the Lord’s green Earth are you any different than your competition? We like things and people that are different, that go against the grain, and that benefit the community at large where the business/company calls home. For instance, if you’re like us and based in Las Vegas, NV, what are locals saying about you that makes you different? We’re social people, believe it or not, and we do take to heart what people say about you!
  4. We took tradition out back, and shot it.?
    This one’s going to sting some of you, and I don’t care. Tradition for its own sake, if it’s?no longer working, needs to die. That means old, outdated, crusty, obsolete marketing methods, too. Millennials are on social media, and that means you need to be, too. (Check out our social media marketing services if your business needs a hand, by the way.) Many of us are on?several?platforms, and that means you need to do your homework on which one(s) best fit your needs.
  5. We’re old enough to pay bills and procreate.
    Yes, Millennials are adults! Most of us pay our bills. Some of our generation is even starting to have children of our own — your?grandchildren! We said it in different ways individually growing up, but I’ll say it again: please stop treating us like children. We can buy our own alcohol, enlist to fight for a country that is more divided than ever and possibly die, and get into debt. That sounds pretty adult to me. Not all of us are party animals every single weekend. A lot of us actually prefer the company of our pet(s) than other human beings, to be?real?honest with you.
  6. We just want a chance!
    What a crazy concept — if you actually?listen?to your customers/clients, your business/company might actually do better! Increased sales/revenue? Better client retention? Something else? All of the above? You name it! If you actually listen to what we tell you we like and don’t, and take the time and energy to implement some of what we say, there’s a good chance you’ll make us very loyal, evangelical clients! Maybe we’ll even tell our friends about you. No promises, though.

All of that said, business is evolving. The way we live and work is changing more by the day. The Millennials were the first to be born into a world that had the Internet, and it’s not going anywhere. Now quit complaining you’re not good with computers, and ask the nearest Millennial for help. We do have useful skills, you know.